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Anyone for a glam cupcake?

Dale Harriott and Stephanie Coard both live and work in the beautiful Blue Mountains, an hour west of Sydney and a region fast becoming a gourmet food seekers paradise.   As a couple of self taught cooks with extensive

Fresh seasonal fruit…

eating experience, we know good food and love to prepare it.   As a sideline from each of our careers, we have entertained small groups of foodies on culinary tours of Sydney.  Over many years we have become  familiar with the best of what Sydney providores have to offer and where to find it.  As a result, we’re often called upon to source hard to find or obscure goods and consequently found there to be an enormous culinary void in this regard.  You’ll

Can you resist temptation?

already know that there is a wealth of sites that steer you to reviews of restaurants and cafes, offering opinions on the best coffee in town,   the most luxuriant truffle infused risotto or perhaps a decadent cheese platter .  Who do you turn to though, if you want to prepare the best coffee, create a most luxuriant truffle infused risotto or gather the contents of a decadent cheese platter and construct it by your own hand in your own home?  What if you have an obscure ingredient mentioned in a recipe.  What is purslane? And where do I get it?    We know how frustrating the lack of food sourcing knowledge is and so we have set about creating a sourcing site that’s easy to navigate and helpful to our fellow food inquisitors.

We don’t claim to know it all and in fact, part of our ever broadening horizons includes continually searching for and learning about great or

Freshly dug that morning.

unusual foods, tasting, purchasing and experimenting with them.  Hey, someone’s gotta do it.

Driven by the desire to try new recipes, eat fantastic food and with a curiosity about different food cultures, it’s our pleasure to venture down that back alley or out-of-

Simply fresh produce.
A little bit of what you fancy never hurt anyone…

the-way location to discover a remarkable food product or research a quality source and make the info available to you.  Visit our Gourmet Directory and check out who’s there.  We understand and always appreciate, not only the simplest, freshest ingredients but also the more complex, and love to photograph it all.  We will bring you an ever changing taste of what we’re seeing and eating,  so check out our latest posts – go to Archives to read of our escapades, take a look at the recipe page and see what we’ve been cooking up.

Buy something for your friend… or for yourself.

  As our site evolves, our information will constantly increase and improve and we hope that you will join us on this adventure.

We’re always happy to hear of somewhere new and exciting, so drop us a line.

All content including photos contained within this site, remain the property of seek go eat and may not be reproduced without our prior consent.

Contact us at   seekgoeat@hotmail.com

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